Ivan Herman—Short CV

I am asked, fairly frequently, for my CV to be used, e.g., at conference or meeting preparations when I make some presentation. The text below can be safely used for that purpose, as well as the photo on the right hand side if a photo is also needed.

Ivan Herman graduated as mathematician at the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Hungary, in 1979. After a brief scholarship at the Université Paris VI he joined the Hungarian research institute in computer science (SZTAKI) where he worked for 6 years (and turned into a computer scientist…). He left Hungary in 1986 and, after a few years in industry in Munich, Germany, he joined the Centre Mathematics & Computer Sciences (CWI) in Amsterdam where he has had a tenure position since 1988. He received a PhD degree in Computer Science in 1989 at the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands. He joined the W3C Team as Head of W3C Offices in January 2001 while maintaining his position at CWI. He served as Head of Offices until June 2006, then as Semantic Web Activity Lead until December 2013. He is the Publishing@W3C Technical Lead, as well as the W3C staff representative for the work on EPUB 3, Audiobooks, Decentralized Identities, Verifiable Credentials, and JSON-LD. He is also member of the Strategy, as well as the Technical & Architecture teams of W3C.

Before joining W3C he worked in different areas (distributed and dataflow programming, language design, system programming), but he spend most of his research years in computer graphics and information visualization. He also participated in various graphics related ISO standardization activities and software developments. See his professional web site for further details, including his list of publications, presentations, and various social activities.